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Opening on the stunning Fiji, location Paradise indeed. Osher is looking on point in our first Hawaiian! I think we should invent a drinking game of taking a shot every time Osher changes Hawaiian shirt.

Osher gives us a rundown on how this works differently to the standard Bachelor. Nice to see both genders get the power, swapping each week.

And we start off with another look at the previewing we have been watching all week, hurry up and get on with it Channel 10.

And of course our first person is probably one of the most loved people. Tara, the Bogan queen. I suspect she will be here the whole time. Got to love her she is straight into the hard-hitting subjects like Osher’s hair. And where is the bar?

Speaking of Osher’s hair, it is on point this season and a bit more modern, its very straight up and nice to see him with a bit of beard scruff.

I think I know where Osher got his hair inspiration.

Tara’s hair is beautiful soft waves, up in a pony-tail with soft side down. Her eye makeup is a bit more glam than I was expecting for this casual island.

A bit more full on makeup than I was expecting, but it does match her personality.

Next, we have Michael, the liar from Brisbane. But he is trying to be a real man this season by wearing a salmon shirt because we all know real men can pull that off. However, the montage of him working out and taking his shirt off isn’t painting the best picture. Before he even entered he is talking about wanting to meet Tara, this will be interesting.

And we have our first meeting between Tara and Michael. Tara is so honest and straight up about how much she is sweating. Michael seems a bit shocked by the fact that a woman is talking to him about normal body functions. But that being said she is sweating a lot, maybe if she wasn’t wearing so much fake tan and so much makeup she wouldn’t be sweating as much. If you are going to Fuji you don’t need a fake tan to start with.

Suddenly Lisa and Luke arrive and they don’t get big introductions. So they probably won’t be around long.

Lisa’s makeup is beautiful and natural, with subtle blush.

Lovely makeup. She is my new fave.

Tara mutters words of “This is such a good crew, I hope it stays good” And suddenly the music changes dramatically and we cut to close-ups of scary looking birds, so this means our first villain is being introduced. Leah, I thought they would have saved her for later in the season. And oh boy she is going to bring the drama. However, her makeup is super simple and she looks great.

A Villain with Natural Makeup What?!?!?!?

Next, we have Davy, and he is the first person to get a full back-story. Including introducing his parents. But he is a man-child so he will be around for the drama but all these girls deserve better, yes even Leah deserves better.

Next, we have a controversial contestant Brett, who I barely remember from Sophie’s season. And as soon as he walked in we get the drama that already apparently he is dating one of Tara’s friends. Shocking! And not cool if it’s true.

Nina is the next one to come in. She was on Sam’s season and the one who did the world’s longest on-screen kiss. She is beautiful but I preferred her as a blondeAnd next a break-dancing guy. They don’t know his name and neither do we. I think he is a seat filler.

Leah and Davey go off for a chat and we see a crewmember in the background setting up their date spot, awkward, the illusion is completely ruined. How dare they remind us that this is a highly planned and structured TV show. They realize they have stuff in common. Cute.

Very Unreal!

And then Florence the stunning Danish beauty is coming in to shake things up. But she has full-on makeup, full lashes, and full glam makeup. It’s a bit of a weird with the relaxed beachy outfit. She is such a beautiful girl already she doesn’t need over the top makeup.

So we learn that Flo and Davy have been flirty in social media. Davy steals her away for a chat straight away and we have the first pissed off girl, Leah. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Our next seat filler contestant is Mack, please nobody give him a guitar! One song from him last season was enough. Next up is Blake. Really Channel 10? Do you really think it is okay to put this guy back on our television? I don’t really want to even talk about him. Hopefully, the girls will be smart and get rid of him quickly.  Next is Jake, and he wearing a suit jacket? Have the stylists not talked to each other. This is a hot climate. And shorts and jackets don’t go well, especially when everyone else is super casual. We soon learn Flo and Jake have already hooked up. Oooo the drama. Davy is jealous already.

Cut to everyone being the pool. But most are still wearing a full face of makeup! Who goes swimming in full makeup?

This is EXACTLY how I look when I go swimming, said nobody ever.

Osher time. And we are seeing a lot more relaxed and fun Osher this season? Did someone say Logie Nomination finally? Osher asks everyone to raise their hand if they are single; Brett does the most half-assed job of putting his hand up. The producers ask him if he has a girlfriend and he responds with that is the whole premise of coming on the show, the producer points out that doesn’t really answer the question. Oh god please get rid of him! Osher announces that this week the ladies have the power, nice to see. Let the drama start.

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing you do when you don’t want the teacher to pick you in class. He looks so guitly.

Davey is begging Florence for a date and a rose. But then the producers place a fun move of giving the first date card to Davey. And it’s a love square, Thanks Tara for that new saying. Jake likes Flo, Davy likes Flo, Davy also likes Leah, Leah likes Davey. Soooooo Davey gives the date to Leah. And Flo responses with “My names Flo not Leah” Awkward!

Davey begging, I feel we may see a lot of this.

AND Flo is pissed! Oh, this is just the beginning.

Leah is straight to the hard-hitting questions. Why did you pick me over Flo? And Davy pulls the wool over her eyes quickly. He is playing hard to win that rose. He wants to stay so badly.

And now everyone is prodding into Flo and Jake’s history. And according to Tara Jake has gotten around on the Gold Coast. Well, it is the Gold Coast.

Suddenly we have the first kiss. Davey is trying so hard. Maybe too hard. That kiss looks awkward. Leah is not very impressed.

So Awkward!!!!!!

Flo is going straight over to talk to Jake. Go girl. She is stirring this pot but means she is getting the most screen time. And she is straight to the point of everyone is saying you are a man whore. Understandable he is a bit upset. However, he immediately asked who has been talking about him. Instead of rationally talking to her. He just wanted to know who has been saying this about him. It blows up! We might be saying bye bye Jakey.

And now Flo is talking to bad boy Blake. Jake is in the background flipping out.

Davey and Leah come back. And it’s awkward. The girls go off to talk. As girls have to go off and talk about everything. Leah is dishing the dirty from their little date. But everyone wants to talk about the drama between Flo and Jake. And it all gets back to Davey, Davey thinks he has made a mistake.

From nighttime to daytime. Davey is all regrets. He is trying to convince Flo he made a mistake and only picked Leah for the date to not annoy his mate, Jake.

Everyone is talking about more intruders and here comes another favourite villain. Keira. She has had a lot of surgery. But at least she can admit it. Her makeup is very typical for her, lots of mascara (it’s a bit clumpy) she could fix that by using a better mascara. Her fake tan is full on.

Kiera isn’t known for being a natural beauty. More like a plastic beauty but she owns it.

Her arrival has put everyone on edge a bit. However Jake is straight in to talk to her. But everyone is commenting that he is only doing that to make sure he gets a rose.

And suddenly have another date card. I bet it will be Jake. Called it. But Jake is too much of a baby to be able to make a decision like who to take on a date so he has to take two other man-children, Davey and Brett to help him decide. As the breakdancing guy points out, it’s only the second day in paradise and we already have more drama than High School Musical.

Davey is chatting to Flo again trying to get her to forgive him. And the final twist of the premier is Jake picks Flo for the single date. Oh, the drama. But it would have been more romantic for him to ask her out on a date to take the straw out of his mouth first.

Such a romantic look.

There is so much more drama and complicated relationships to keep up with in this show than the traditional Bachelor. My fingers hurt from typing so fast to keep up. At the end of the day this is a Beauty Blog so here are the Makeup Highlights and Lowlights:

Leah’s Makeup

Leah went for probably the most simple makeup out of all the girls, it doesn’t look like she is wearing false lashes. It’s nice to see she is that confident. With going in and out of the pool and the humidity her foundation appears to have come off, however her eye concealer is still in place, which makes her skin look very pale and pink. She should have used a stronger setting powder to keep her foundation in place. Check out the setting powder I would recommend to her here.

Setting Powder is your best friend girl.

Flo’s makeup

It’s all just too much, strong brows and lots of eyeshadow and lots of eyeliner and big false lashes. She is pretty already and doesn’t need all that. Pull it back girl.

Too Much. It actually distracts from her natural beauty.

Lisa’s Makeup

Lisa’s makeup was one of the best for me it was simple, suited her and the most appropriate for the setting. Her lipstick on the day too was a highlight, suited her skin tone so much and it actually made her green eyes pop. It you wanted a colour like this on I would recommend Benecos’s Lipstick in the colour of First Love. 

So Pretty <3 it!

Wow so much to take in from the first episode!

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