Bachelor in Paradise Beauty Blog – Ep 6 – It’s A Love Octagon

We are back, night two of four this week.

All the guys are just complaining about how bad the American guys are. And surprise surprise Jarrod is the one who is freaking out the most. Daniel is playing Keira so hard. But she is on his hook.

Next thing you know, she will be doing his laundry!

And we have someone else coming in it’s……. another American guy! Oooooo we haven’t seen this one in the previews before. Google time.


And it’s another Jarrod (or Jared as he spells it). Oh, the drama. “It’s a sausage sizzle” as Tara says. “Like Bunnings on a Saturday”. Oh, this is why Australia loves you, Tara. Jarrod does seem more genuine than the other two Americans. But it also means he isn’t as intense but it also means the girls don’t seem to be as into him.


So Ali has finally found her “Spark” with Grant. Watch out Ali this guy is bad news. But she is so into him. Leah sees Grant and Ali hugging and she is pissed!


Jarrod asks Megan on a date, and it’s soooooo awkward. She takes him aside. And kind of says, oh but I am not that into you, so if you want to take someone else you should. But he convinces her to go on the date.


Her makeup is really pretty on this date, it’s a bit more than we have really seen her wear before. She is wearing really pretty warm toned blush. I would recommend to her to put her blush slightly higher on her cheek, because of the darker tone it is making her beautiful cheeks look a bit hollow.

Clearly she doesn’t like him, she hasn’t put much effort into her makeup.

They go on a beautiful date on a very cool boat. But it’s super awkward. Poor American Jared.

Australian Jarrod is being such a child saying he is being played by Keira, dude can we remind you that two days ago you were all over Ali. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

The pressure is getting to Nina and she is getting pretty upset. Luckily she doesn’t seem to wear mascara; instead, she has gone for lash extensions, clever if you know you are going to go on a show where you will probably be crying a lot.


So many tears this episode!



And Daniel says “Call me Geppetto because I make women my puppets” What a piece of work. Please girls, send him home!


Jarrod and Keira have a chat, and it ends with Keira saying “its all about you” because it is Jarrod. Calm your farm mate. And we have another shot of Jarrod crying in Fuji. It was only a matter of time.

I am getting Bachie deja vu

Grant takes Ali on a cute little side date. And Leah is even more pissed. Ali finally kisses someone, really hun. Grant? Michael would have been better. This is going to crash and burn.

Ali pops her Paradise Kiss cherry.

Keira is back on with Jarrod because she realized that Daniel is probably playing her. Keira’s makeup is very pretty tonight, but I think she needs her eyelash extensions filled in; they look like there are a few gaps. And now we have Keira and Jarrod making out. Seriously I can’t keep up, my fingers hurt from trying to type fast!

That is one awkward looking kiss.

Next day, Keira decides she likes Daniel more now. And even gets a sneaky kiss with him. Girl now you’re the player. Good makeup won’t save you here hun. So Keira really is a lot like Jarrod, they both want their cakes and to eat it too.

I want my cake!

As Michael points out “You can build your abs in a gym but you can’t build a heart” never was a wiser thing said. Michael really has redeemed himself on this show.


What happened to the other American? Jared, did he not even come back from his date with Megan?

Next minute, Osher appears. We missed you, Osher. He announces there will be a rose ceremony, oh the drama.

My Canadian housemate literally said “He is the hottest guy in Paradise” LOL

I don’t know if I am just overwhelmed by the drama but I haven’t seen many good makeup looks. Hopefully, the girls will pull out some good looks for the rose ceremony.


Daniel is spouting out all this rubbish to all these other girls. What a player. Eden, finally realised he needs to do something. He takes Daniel aside and tells him, he cares about Nina and he needs to step off. Go Eden! Proud of you! But now you need to tell Nina you care about her!


I can see why they are fighting over Nina she is so nice, and her makeup for the cocktail party is on point. This is the first time we have seen a strong red lip in Paradise that works! Wearing a plain black dress, hair up in a bun and then statement red earrings, love it! And she has matched the colour of her lipstick to her earrings. If you wanted to get a full red lip like Nina’s I would recommend a red lip liner and then Catwalk lipstick. BUT make sure you fill in your whole lips with the lip liner, not just the outside so if your lipstick fades you won’t be left with just a line around your lips, not a good look.

Not the best photo but it is one of the best rose ceremony looks we have seen

Rose Ceremony Time.


Leah gives to Michael. Yes! He deserves it!


Lisa gives hers to Luke – cute couple


Tara to Sam – cutest couple


Ali to Grant – kind of cute but I think it will crash and burn


Nina chooses……. Eden! Yes, thank you Nina. Best choice.


Laurina shocks everyone and gives hers to American Jared, I thought he was going home for sure. Turns out she is a smart girl and worked out Daniel is the worst.


Megan chooses Jake, no surprise there.


And finally we have Keira; she is so confused because she was hoping to keep both the guys she liked there. But now she has to choose who she actually wants to keep….. She doesn’t know who she wants to keep, first of all, I would tell her to chose to lower her eyeshadow, it’s too high up towards her brow bone and isn’t very flattering. If she lowered it down to the crease of her eye it would a lot more natural and pretty.

Unflattering camera angle and eyeshadow

Anyway come on girl, do the right thing….. and after acting like she can’t decide who to keep chooses…. Jarrod. Yes, well-done girl. Finally making good decisions.


Bye Mack, hopefully, you can find love outside the Bachelor World.


Bye Blake, we will miss you mispronouncing your love interest’s name.


And finally Bye forever Daniel. Good rinse to bad rubbish! (I think that’s the politest thing I could say about him)

Till tomorrow night Beauties! It really is a full time job watching this show now.

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