Bachelor In Paradise, Ep 7 – Fresh Meat and Temper Tantrums

Have a mentioned how 4 nights a week is crazy!

Let’s jump straight into it. Everyone is still recovering from the rose ceremony last night with a couple of shocks. Mainly that Laurina gave her rose to American Jared.

Everyone is talking about how they never see Laurina, it’s pretty obvious guys, she hasn’t connected with anyone so she is just enjoying her paid holiday. They are calling her the Paradise Ghost, well for a ghost she has the best damn makeup there.

She is so relatable. I wish I could have a nap right now.

Suddenly we have Elora enter the game. And once again everyone is rather taken with the fresh meat, especially Megan. I just realized how this is actually pretty progressive television having an openly bi-sexual woman on there. But then I remember that they are all competing for love on reality tv and it doesn’t seem as progressive. And especially doesn’t feel progressive when all the guys get really excited that Megan likes Elora.

who will catch her sultry eye?

Elora’s makeup is stunning. She has pulled back on her signature thick black eyeliner on she had this pretty much the whole time during The Bachelor. She has gone for a super natural look instead hardly looks like she is wearing makeup, which works perfectly for her in this beach setting.

Elora has eyes for Jake. So she is super polite and asks Megan if she can ask Jake on a date. Megan is devastated that Elora isn’t into her. But she says she can take Jake on a date if she wants. To everyone including Megan’s surprise, Jake turns Elora down and says he is really interested in Megan. Wait. Did Jake just do something good? Or has he just realized that his current love interest is bi-sexual and therefore (like most men’s mind would think) realise that there might be a possibility of threesomes in the future?

Megan, “wait you don’t like me?” Awkward.

Elora ends up choosing Michael. Can you just imagine their babies! Hopefully, their hotness wouldn’t cancel each other out and then their kids would be ugly. That’s terrible when that happens.


Poor Leah is starting to realize she has been rejected a lot by a lot of men, including now Michael. To be fair love, he has been rejecting you since the beginning hun.

Side note: Whats with these hats? I hope this is not a trend that takes off

For their date, they are doing glass blowing. Interesting choice. But Michael immediately turns it sexual with referring to the blowing. Poor Elora always gets stuck with the dates where she has to blow things, how could we forget Matty J making her blow up a massive inflatable swan. Check out the blog I wrote on that episode HERE. 

Poor girl, just gets put on TV to blow on things.

And enter another stunning blonde Simone. Don’t really remember her much from the Bachelor but she has the cutest face. I really love how natural her eyebrows look. She has stunning pink blush on, because of her fair hair and skin the pink colour really suits her. If you want to a get this look I would use Sassy Salmon blush.I also really like her natural pink lip colour and subtle eyeshadow that really makes her green eyes pop.



Jarrod is a bit too keen. Seriously what does Jarrod have against Brunettes or Red Heads?

Elora and Michael move from the glass blowing, to the most awkward looking love seat. Clearly, Grant and Ali are too busy making out on the more comfortable ones still.

Jarrod “You are blonde and talk to me, therefore I am in love with you”

Speaking of Grant, he is talking to Aussie Jarrod about Keira keeping him on the hook. Clearly, Grant doesn’t know who Keira is because most of the Aussie guys would never mess with Keira. Keira, of course, works out that Grant is talking smack about her and loses it. It’s all very confusing. Is she angry because she has been caught out or because she actually likes Jarrod? Personally, I think she just doesn’t like people talking badly about her. Which is funny because most of Australia does that regularly. She storms off very dramatically


BUT Jarrod thinks it’s cute that she is having a tantrum. Dude, she is acting like a toddler! And if you find that hot you two really are made for each other.

Side note: Lisa is literally in her PJs! Respect.

Next, we have a late night date card and as we know from all the adverts it for Laurina. It’s one of those your date starts in 10 minutes. She is not happy about it. The girl is literally getting ready for bed, she has her gold eye masks on. These are super popular at the moment. They are designed to improve collagen, they are meant to 24K Gold extracts to go into the skin and help with anti ageing. The skin around your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face, your pores there are also a lot smaller. I personally haven’t tried these eye masks yet. But I do wonder if it’s just a bit gimmicky. But then again Laurina never has big bags under her eyes but maybe that’s because she has been sleeping so much in Paradise.

Who wouldn’t want to go on a date with her right now?!?!

She is so unimpressed and asks to talk to one of the producers, the poor thing has a full on crying session saying she doesn’t like any of the guys and doesn’t want a date and especially feels upset for it being sprung on her. On one hand, I completely see where she is coming from if you don’t like anyone what’s the point. But then, on the other hand, you did sign up for a dating show hun.

Secret Cameras everywhere catch the drama.

This short episode dramatically ends with her walking off saying she is leaving. It will be very sad if she leaves, she has really had strong values the whole time, especially sending two shit guys home.


We will just have to come back tomorrow night to find out what happens, nice cliff-hanger Channel 10. Let’s be honest we didn’t need a cliff-hanger we are all already addicted.

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