Bachelor In Paradise – Episode 9 – Magic Apollo time!


This week we get treated an Osher monologue to keep us up to date. So nice to see Osher looking into our souls through the TV again.


We are experiencing the fall out from that epic rose ceremony. Michael is pining over Lisa. But Lisa is telling Luke she only has eyes for him. Poor Michael. Eden is trying to justify his decision to give Elora a rose and not Nina.


Eden finally gets a date card. Producers are just stirring the drama now. He immediately asked Elora. She clearly doesn’t want to go. And she obviously doesn’t like him. She has put zero effort into her makeup. Which is probably a good thing because this is the worst date. It looks like its about to rain and they are meant to be Sand tobogganing. But it doesn’t look fun at all. Elora is literally moving away from Eden as much as she can. So he tried to make her like him by throwing food at her. How old are you dude? Next, are you going to pull her hair to show her you like her!

Take note men, this is not how you get the girl!

Suddenly it’s the moment we have all been waiting for the god like Apollo arrives! Finally! And not surprisingly the girls go a little crazy for him; they are only human after all.


But Apollo quickly takes a liking to Simone and asks her to go on a date with him. Of course, she says yes. Oooooooo Elora is going to be pissed.


And pretty much straight away we get Elora coming back from her terrible date with Eden and realizing Apollo came in while she was away. She has pretty much told everyone she is only here to meet Apollo, intense much. Elora finds out her friend Simone agreed to go on a date with Apollo she is pissed.


Update on the Jarrod and Keira merry-go-round of a relationship, they are officially back on now. After Jarrod took her off on a surprise picnic. They end up kissing again and Jarrod says Keira’s lips are so soft. Yeah, that’s what silicon feels like mate.

They are the Ross and Rachel of Paradise!

So Simon and Apollo go off on their date. The producers have come up with another non-romantic date. Kayaking around to put up balloons with bottles attached. It is also raining and looks so cold. And before we know it they are completely capsized, both in the water and it just looks terrible. But they seem to have fun. so maybe they do like each other. This time Simone has gone for not makeup, which is a good idea for this water based date, better than when she did the water yoga and had panda eyes from her makeup in the water.

Not smooth sail.

Sam has built Tara a love shack. This is the cutest thing ever! They are so perfect for each other. They even say they both make each other laugh so hard they pee a little. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day. And this is the moment that Australia realise Sam and Tara will be the proposal!

The new Australian Royal Couple <3

The boys take Elora aside and asked her about the previous drama with Simone outside before Paradise. Clearly, they are stirring the pot. So Elora takes Simone aside to talk to her. Before we know it they are dragging up so much personal stuff from the past and I have to say they are both pretty out of line for doing this. Grow up, girls.

Not sure if she is red from embarrassment or too much sun. Maybe both.

Simone is really going very pink, I am assuming its due to being a British person on a tropical island, it’s not our natural habitat. I would recommend to her to get a foundation or press pounder that a green undertone. Green cancelled out red and will neutralise her skin a lot.

Till tomorrow night beauties.

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