After all the buildup and expectation! Let’s see what happens!

I have to confess I was pretty surprised when they announced Sophie Monk was the next Bachelorette. But then again she might be exactly what Australia needs right now, after a slightly disappointing Matty J Bachelor.

Only time will tell.

Osher is back on form with his hair and suit. Looking swish!

Omg Sophie has a bulldog! So cute! And she is kissing her dog! Oh, I love her already!

Her parents are so sweet, The producers must be so happy, they managed to get a celebrity Bachelorette who has a dog and cute parents. #producersdreams

Her makeup look is so much more natural than we have seen her wear before. I believe this is a conscious choice by the producers to make her appear more like an average girl instead of a celebrity.

And of course, she is looking out over a body of water, it’s not the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise without customary thinking while looking over water. But Sophie is actually doing yoga while she does it. So kind of seems more normal?

Osher and Sophie greet each other like old friends, I guess they actually are. She says doesn’t want someone prettier than her. We will see if she ends up with an attractive guy or not.

And the first guy out of the limo……….. ad break!

Of course, the magician is up first. He is rather charming. But I never trust a magician. I am guessing Apollo is a stage name!

Vineyard owner is next, Jared. Owning a vineyard seems ideal and romantic but in reality, it is probably really boring. But he is very charming.

Next, we have Eden, my Dickhead alarm is going off! Break Dancing? Really? Wow did he just say she is old?!? Not cool. He is trying to play it off that he just likes making fun of people. Hmm I am not impressed.

Oh the next guy is soooooo nervous. He is giving her a Rose Quartz necklace! A girl on the original season of the Bachelor Australia gave Tim a Rose Quartz on the red carpet too (not very original) that didn’t go so well for her. So let’s see if this works for him.

SIDE NOTE. Was that just an advert with Nikki from last year’s Bachelor in? For contact lenses? Glad to see she is turning her heartbreak into profit.

One guy is super clever and gets his three cute nephews to go and talk him up to Sophie before he gets out of the limo. But she hits them up with the tough questions like how many girlfriends has your uncle had? Kind of cute and kind of awkward.

Hello Handsome. Tall and dark. But we didn’t see much of him.

And we skip through loads more guys.

Time for singing. Oh dear. It isn’t great. Sophie is trying to nod along but she can’t find the rhythm. She is actually trying not to laugh. So awkward.

That face you pull when you are trying not to laugh. 

D-Bag alert. Stop taking selfies! Wow, he is so up himself. And of course, he isn’t wearing socks!

The boys are literally discussing who will be the villain. And they cut to Ryan. Oh, I hate him already. Or is it just that the producers are making me feel this, with clever editing and dramatic music. He is so intense.

All the guys have a crush on Apollo, I can see why.

Time for Osher to do his thing, He swans in and says something about love and then introduced Sophie. Sophie is getting ready to make a big speech but before she can get a word out, D Bag, I mean Ryan, cuts her off and takes her away to chat.

Some of the sweet guys try to cut in on him and he isn’t having any of it and tells them to go away.

Luke is trying to find out that Sophie is there for the right reason. But I get the feeling that his “right reason” Might not actually be hers.

Sophie gets a bit upset. She is here for Love and Love only. Love her!

I love that Sophie says she doesn’t like a guy that takes Selfies and they cut to Eden nice editing!

Jarrod makes a good impression.

They start playing a game of Never Have I Ever. This game never ends well. And what a surprise, it ends badly. They bring up Cheating and Jourdan starts crying. They assume this means he has been cheated on, but then he reveals he was just accused of cheating by an ex. #confusing

There is already competition between guys. So Apollo suggests a walk off. “It’s a walk-off!” Well most of these guys probably have experience in

It’s between the man buns vs the clean cuts. The buns pull out mad dance moves, with backflips, nice. The clean cuts look nervous, and they just start throwing their clothes off instead of dancing. Eventually, the shorter clean cut (I can’t remember his name) does the classic Hansel move and puts his hands down his pants and pulls his undies out. Wow. I guess that’s one way to make an impression.

Sophie decides Sam (main man bun) lost the walk off and had to do the shame of walk or run around the pool in his undies. He ups the game and jumps in the pool.

Sam seems to think he made a massive ass of himself and he will be going home. But turns out its kind of the opposite. Sophie takes him aside and he gets the double delight rose. He gets two single dates.

Rose Ceremony time, let’s get rid of the ones who didn’t get screen time. Literally, don’t remember seeing either of those guys at all in this episode.

As you can probably tell it is a little harder to recap the makeup looks since we no only have one lady’s makeup to recap.

But let’s recap Sophie’s First Night Look.

This look is all about the eyes and the lashes. Her lips are a super natural pink shade, which matches her dress beautifully! Her eyeshadow is a mix of beautiful gold and rose shades, this goes with her earrings really well, she also has a bright highlight colour in the inner corner of her eyes to make her eyes pop. Her Brows are beautiful, natural but defined and great shape. Her blush is a very simple pink shade.

The biggest aspect of her makeup is her lashes; she has false lashes on both her top lash line and under her eyes as well. I understand this is a way of making a woman look younger with more lashes on both top & bottom, And from far away they can look beautiful. However, close up they look a little odd and harsh like two hard black lines under and above her eyes. I would recommend instead using natural looking false lashes on the top only and then if you want to enhance the lashes on the bottom you can use a good mascara.

If you want to recreate Sophie’s Look from tonight, I would recommend Sassy Salmon Blush and a light brow pencil. Gold Eye Primer with Rose Quartz Eyeshadow on the lid and then Stardust Highlighter on the inner corner of your eye. For lashes, I would recommend Sarah Jean’s Lashes in 004 and Honey Pink Lipstick to finish off the look!

Thanks for reading Beauties! Till tomorrow tonight!


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