We are back! And no I wasn’t boycotting just because Sophie sent Luke home, I was at my best friend’s wedding last week and didn’t have access to good Internet. However I am still upset about Luke leaving!

Lets get through this filler episode before Home Towns.

We open on the guys recovering from the “Dramatic” rose ceremony.

Sophie is thinking while driving, where is the lake or the sea that she is meant to be over looking while thinking?

Suddenly she is at the mansion and walks in on the guys. They all head outside,

Osher and as Apollo puts it “Some random Guy”, Osher reveals this guy is a matching scientist from E-Harmony. I am calling B-S.  There isn’t anything scientific about those websites.

They are doing different tests to see who is the most compatible with Sophie. I am sure it will be very scientific. Yeah Nar.

They have to make pie charts of their personality.

So scientific

Unfortunately Jimmy is too serious. Such a shame, he is so sweet. The next test: is that the boys have to pick an outfit and a date for a dream date.

And this is why women have better clothes
because men wouldn’t know what to do with it!

Damn, Apollo, goes simple and beachy but it doesn’t make the cut.

Next round is, Perfect Batch. This is based on a old TV show, Perfect Match. Stu is so happy that he gets a reference.

They are really rehashing old dating tv game shows.

And he is even happier when she picks him!

They have their single time and Stu is turning the heat up.  He really likes her! He talks about how he wants to look after her. They kiss, and he says that he didn’t talk while they were making out, um… that’s exactly what you are doing right now!

Getting Serious!

Sophie’s Look for this group Date is Beautiful and natural. Unlike her outfit that makes it look like she escape from the Wingles.

Nice makeup, bad fashion choice!

On to the single date and its finally Blake’s turn.

She says she wants to give Blake a chance. I feel like she may regret this.

Sophie says she is a country girl at heart. And Blake is most definitely a city slicker.  So she is going to make him do country things, like feeding baby goats and they go milk a goat. Seems weird, why can’t the mummy goat just feed the baby goats, instead of taking the goat milk and making it into cheese.

Jake is being pretty Cheesy 😉


Back at the house, Jarrod and Apollo are doing exercise together and Jarrod brings up Blake and his date.  Jarrod is the one that always brings up the other dates.

For this single date Sophie has gone for a super natural look, I think this is because she is doing the country girl look.  She just had a little bit of Matte, Cream coloured eyeshadow and her brows are well defined and looks like she isn’t wearing lip colour (perfect for kissing)

Nice makeup, shame about the facial expression.

Suddenly its night time and they are on a love couch and Blake is turning the charm on.  Blake is doing a really good job of saying exactly what Sophie wants to hear. And suddenly they are kissing! And Blake’s Mouth is away too open in that kiss!

Its like a car crash, I can’t look away!

All of a sudden, there is a band playing for them and it’s really awkward.

Cocktail Party Time.

All the boys are waiting for Blake to come home. And they are so happy to see him without a rose. But Jarrod starts dropping that he thinks Blake isn’t good enough for Sophie.

Jarrod and Stu have a heart to heart and Stu tells him to calm down and not worry about Blake. I am starting to like Stu more and more.

Rose Ceremony.

And Blake has officially pulled the wool over Sophie’s Eyes. He is the first one to get a Rose.

And Sophie makes another massive mistake and sends James home So upset. I literally just screamed at the tv. He was the sweetest, most genuine and heart felt guy in the house.

Farewell Jimmy!

At least Sophie’s makeup tonight was good, even if her decision was not. She has a killer strong lip colour on, in a dark warm red colour which matched with her outfit well. The rest of the look was simple pink blush, strong brows and simple gold eyeshadow.

If you wanted to recreate this look, I would recommend using Aster Lipsticksassy salmon blushArbonne Brow pencil and Benecos eye primer.

Lipstick good, Choices bad!

Till tomorrow night Beauties.






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