The New Year comes with many exciting opportunities to turn over a new leaf and start good habits. While you are at it, why not set some resolutions that will help towards your natural beauty? Below are my top five habits to implement in the New Year. They aren’t massive; they are all achievable and I believe you can do it!

  1. Go Cruelty-free with your makeup and personal care products.

This resolution will not only make you feel better but will make our animal friend’s lives better too. Going cruelty-free shows our government, as well as the Beauty industry, that we care about how our beauty products are made. You don’t have to go full vegan with food, (so much respect for anyone who does!) but look for companies that advertise as Cruelty-free and/or Vegan. Look for these symbols:Check out some of the Cruelty-Free Brands I love here.

  1. Put your skincare first.

To have beautiful makeup, it’s always easier to start with a great base than trying to cover up blemishes. By looking after your skin, you will also look after yourself. I recommend having a skincare regime that you use as a self-care practice that you take your time and do every morning and night, especially at night this will help your mind prepare for bed. Remember, you want to be washing your face, using a serum or tone to fix underlying issues and then finish by moisturizing.

Skincare is Essential.

Bonus Tip: If you really don’t have time, at least give your face a wipe with an organic face wipe. These are my fave.

  1. Don’t forget eye cream!

The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face. If you use a normal moisturiser around your eyes, it won’t go into the pores there, as it is too thick. Therefore, it will sit on top of your skin and drag your skin down. Not what you want around your eyes! Eye-cream is your friend!

  1. Check the use by dates on all your makeup.

Many people don’t realise that makeup goes out of date. For your health, it is important to make sure all your makeup is still good to use, especially anything you are using around your eyes, as you don’t want to be putting your eye health in danger. See below our guide to makeup expiration.

  1. Look after your makeup brushes!

If you look after your brushes they will last a lot longer and your skin will be healthier. Since a lot of bacteria can build up on your makeup brushes. If you are using your makeup brushes every day, I recommend doing a full wash of your brushes every two to three weeks. Buy Makeup Brush cleaner or use a gentle face cleanser or Shampoo (e.g. not shampoo for dyed hair). Check out the brush cleaner I recommend.

Washing your brushes can be simple like this.

How to clean your brushes: Put the cleaner in the palm of your hand, run the water over the brush, rub the brush into the cleaner and then run the water over the brush. Do this until the water runs clear. When it comes to drying, don’t stand your brushes up straight to dry, the water will run back into the handle and the handle will crack. Lay them flat or roll up a towel up and angle them down. See picture below.

Try drying your brushes like this, they will last longer!

A new year is a time for a fresh start. With these simple natural beauty resolutions, you will be well on your way to a healthy happier you in 2018! Have a great new year and congratulations on all you achieved in  2017; don’t forget to celebrate that too!

Stay Naturally Beautiful this year!

<3 Amy



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