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Bachelorette Beauty Recap – Ep 4 – The Man Games & Cupcakes

We open to all the guys just sitting around and Osher appears. Osher, says he isn’t going to pull a surprise out of his pants (eg no date card). All the boys look disappointed. They are getting a group date and everyone is involved. It’s the first Bachelorette Real...

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Bachelorette Beauty Recap – Ep 3 – Surfing & Deception

We skip Osher and any shots of Sophie thinking while looking over water, and get straight to the single date card. Suddenly there is a guy that I swear I have seen before and definitely don’t know his name. They put in one shot of him saying he isn’t expecting to get...

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My Bachelorette Predictions!

After we meet all the men trying to capture Sophie Monk's heart last night, I thought it would be fun to do some predictions for the season! Top three for sure! He seems so nice and is very handsome. However, Sophie may not like that he is also in entertainment and...

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