The boys are all looking very deflated. They are sad their friends have gone home. It’s pretty awkward with the intruders.

Luke appears with a date card. Where is Osher?

Side note: I had a dream last night Osher walked out of The Bachelorette show saying he was sick of helping people break hearts. And I remember being devastated in the dream! Silly Brain.

New Osher?…. No never.

And the single date goes to….. James (the Tara of this season) He is so sweet, he is definitely getting his heart broken. He is soooooo excited for this date, so cute! I am saying so a lot this ep.

Just a little excited Jimmy

Single Date Time.

James is waiting down in Sydney Rocks and Sophie rocks up in a water taxi. They get a water-taxi to Darling Harbour. You really didn’t need to get a water taxi there, they are next door to each other.

While on the taxi, Sophie tells James what they are doing on this date. Street Performing. James’ face drops. He says its facing one of his fears. But James you were a natural performer on the photoshoot. You can do this!

I am already making an ass of myself on this show, now you want me to do it live?

They get to a little stage set up and there is a box of props. Okay, so this is really unrehearsed. But they both jump straight in. Sophie is “Rapping” if you can call it that and James suddenly starts break-dancing! This financial planner has moves! They are laughing and everyone is clapping. Looks like it wasn’t a disaster after all.

Kill Plum Lips! <3

For this date, Sophie is wearing killer dark plum lipstick. So awesome! Not everyone can pull this look off but she can! If you want a lip colour like this I would recommend Dahlia Lipstick!

Back at the house, Ryan appears with a date card and large box. Or as Sam puts it a large package! Wink Wink. Seriously can Sam ever not make a dick joke?

It’s a group date with all the intruders and most of the intense guys. The package is revealed to be a school uniform. Yep, they are going back to school.

Back on the sweetest date. It’s a costume change, scene change and lighting change (to night time). Sophie and James go to a rooftop bar and are ever more sickeningly sweet. James almost makes Sophie cry. Girl don’t cry when you have a lot of black eyeshadow on! That would be terrible!

Don’t cry! that makeup is too difficult to fix!

Suddenly Sophie asks, “Can I just kiss you?” James is a bit taken aback but happy! They kiss, looks like he is getting out of the friendship zone! So happy for him.

The eye makeup Sophie had for the end of the date was very full on dark smokey eye. It’s not my favourite look on her, but good on the makeup department for doing many different makeup looks. If you wanted to recreate this eye look I would recommend Benecos Smokey Eye Palette.

Group Date Time.

Embarrassing dress-up date time and school uniforms are very embarrassing on guys. But of course, Sophie looks super cute in school uniform. Most of the guys have probably already had this fantasy.

All the knees!

Their first challenge is paper planes. It’s amazing how putting dramatic music behind anything can make the lamest thing, like a paper planes competition seems very dramatic.

Jarrod can also make anything dramatic

Stu and Guy, two of the intruders are out in the paper planes. Next, we have basketball. Blake goes on and on about how good he is at basketball. Which means, of course, he totally fails and is out.

Then Maths questions

Some of them are challenging and some of them are super easy. But my god these guys are more muscle than brain. Jarrod makes an ass of himself. What a surprise. Sophie also gets pretty embarrassed over one of the questions. We still love you, Sophie!

Maths is hard!

And down to the final its Ryan vs AJ. And it’s my worst nightmare (since I am dyslexic) a spelling bee. AJ throws the last questions on purpose because he doesn’t want to cause drama in the house. Bit silly AJ, you are there for Sophie not for the guys.

So Ryan gets alone time with Sophie. And it is the most awkward thing again. Time for the truth to come out. He pushes to get a single date. And goes on about how he is a private guy so how are you going to date a woman who has been famous for most of her life? Sophie brings up the “I like girls who look after themselves” and then the fact he doesn’t like a girl who is a potty mouth. Sophie clearly states why they wouldn’t be good for each other. And then says he should go find a girl he is going to fall in love with. Go Girl! Stand up for yourself!

Ryan looks so angry and walks away. Swearing as he goes. Sophie’s face is priceless!

Sophie has the best facial expressions!


Her makeup is stunning. Her Brows are so on point and she has subtle purple eyeshadow.

Back at the mansion, it’s cocktail party time. All the guys are waiting for Ryan to return. Osher appears and you can see they know what has happened. But they all act shocked.

Sophie then appears in the most STUNNING red dress! They should have had her wear that on the first night. Or saved it for the final because it is next level!

The dress is too stunning to be wasted on Jarrod


And of course, Jarrod grabs her. She is excited to tell him her pot plant sprouted! Jarrod is devastated because his hasn’t. Kind of embarrassing. He tries to defend himself says he gave her more seeds.

Jarrod decides the only explanation is that someone has sabotaged it. And so we have #potplantgate

I could go into the detail but basically, Blake peed in the pot plant and Jarrod is trying to work out whom it was.

Jarrod Sniffs for the scent of foul play otherwise known as piss

And after all the drama we cut to the rose ceremony. And tonight we farewell…. Guy. He is some guy who we barely knew.

Bye Guy

Sophie’s makeup was another nice red lip to match her dress. If you want to recreate the look I would recommend Zinnia Lipstick.

Hope you have a wonderful week beauties!





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