We open to all the guys just sitting around and Osher appears. Osher, says he isn’t going to pull a surprise out of his pants (eg no date card). All the boys look disappointed.

They are getting a group date and everyone is involved. It’s the first Bachelorette Real Man Games. A Hunger Games style Man off. Lucky they don’t have to kill each other because I think Jarrod would be a little too happy and eager to do that.

This is really reaffirming stereotypes, the men have to be strong and build things that women can’t. I would have loved to see Sophie get in there and compete with the guys.

They start by having a plank off. And Sam is out first, not surprisingly. Mack wins which is surprising, he went for 7 minutes! It just goes to show that big muscles don’t always mean you have core strength.

It’s a Plank Off

And the next one is a classic man job, to change a car tyre, they have the tall guys battling the short guys. Osher is checking everyone’s nuts (on the wheels of course). Lots of good innuendo jokes this episode, Osher.

Jarrod is going a little crazy (big surprise) there. The “Short guys” win, but Jarrod just keeps going changing the tyre and goes really red in the face.

Jarrod should go work for Roadside Assistance after this.

Then probably the most horrible challenge building flat pack furniture, living hell. It goes well over an hour. Sophie is a champion and brings out beers for everyone.

Best girlfriend ever!

They have the young guys vs the older guys. The young guys (Ryan and Harry) mess up bad, their drawer runners are upside down. Even thou Ryan is a “Builder” completely flips out and just smashes the drawers with a hammer. That’s a great impression you are making mate. Needless to say, the older guys win.

Living Hell!

So in the final, its James and Mack and they have to build a fire. James smashes it, He wins while poor Mack can’t even start a fire. I am actually a big fan of this guy, he seems really down to earth.

He is good at building fires, but can he get Sophie’s fire burning?

Sophie and James have a beautiful D&M. And she gives him a rose! So cute! But he didn’t get a kiss. Has he been Friendzoned?

He looks shocked he got a rose.

ophie’s Makeup for this date is super cute, she has gone for a pink lipstick and natural eyeshadow in a light gold colour. But what really makes her look cute is the pink cheeks. If you wanted to recreate this look I would recommend First Love lipstickSo What coloured Eyeshadow and Sassy Salmon blush.

This look is very Cute Farm Girl

Back at the mansion, once again, Sam is complaining and everyone else is complaining about Sam. Suddenly Sophie appears, and everyone is shocked. Finally Sam gets his first date, however I think this won’t shut him up

They are driving, in a car, which they go on about how good it is (sponsorship much). Then Sam starts doing an impression of Tom Cruise. Sophie’s face says just get me out of here!

Sophie “What have I done!”

They drive to the same kitchen where Tara and Matty cooked pasta last season. Come up with some new ideas and locations Channel Ten!

They are cooking red velvet cupcakes! Yum! Unfortunately, neither of them are very good at cooking. Sam says that he needs to impress her and not be too funny because he says he is so funny. Wow, arrogant much.

The cupcakes look like a disaster, just like this date!

He starts going on about how he injects magic into everything. That’s Apollo’s thing mate! Damn despite everything Sophie gives him a rose but once again no kiss. I don’t think I have ever wanted to see someone get their heart broken.

Nice and Natural! Talking about her makeup not Sam.

Sophie’s Makeup is really natural and beautiful. Her brows are the focus of this look with super natural eyes and lips. If you wanted a look like this use a good brow pencil and Peach Lipstick.

Cocktail Party Time

Apollo pulls out some magic, with a fork. Sophie is so excited about it! Super cute. This guy needs a single date already!

Sophie is blown away by the magic.

Then Jarrod steps it up on the creepy level. Why is it that everything this guy does seem creepy? He goes on and on about love having to grow and as a metaphor he gets Sophie to plant some seeds. Sophie seems terrified of the commitment of looking after a plant.

Seeds metaphor for Baby much?

And Rose Ceremony Time

Another non-dramatic rose ceremony….Bingham gets sent home, the poor guy hardly got any screen time. His Sloth cuddly toy got more screen time than he did and unfortunately, the sloth will probably be missed more.

Farewell Sloth, You will be missed!

Sophie’s Makeup is back to a bold eyeshadow. It’s not as dark as the black smokey eye she had. She has gone for more olive/grey eyeshadow to match her dress. If you wants this look I would recommend using Cosmic Moon Eyeshadow with a light grey eyeliner and Mascara. Finish the look off with a nudie lip colour like Magnolia.

Until next week, when we have older intruders, Have a wonderful week beauties!

Amy xo

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