All the boys are casually sitting around the mansion. They must be so bored. Jourdan’s leg is in a cast. Osher comes out and brings it up. I guess everything has to be explained through Osher. Jourdan says he had an accident on the basketball court. Sounds untrue.

And the first single date is Jarrod! Yaya I like him. He seems not up himself, unlike Blake.

Osher Doing His Thing

Oh, Sophie is so nervous about going on a date. Er.. you did sign up for the Bachelorette love, it’s the main aspect of the show! But if I were you Sophie would be more nervous about being on a date in a sports stadium. That very a good start.

She is scared of heights and the producers have made her do a wire walk for her first date. That’s nice of them.

And he is scared of heights too. Oh dear.

At least her makeup is nice very natural and pretty. If you are going to be sweating a lot from fear it’s probably a good idea you go for simple makeup. Her brows are the main focus of this makeup. On fleek!

Casual makeup for a not so casual date


The boys are back in the kitchen chatting away. And Apollo is the best! He talks about how modest Jarrod is. That’s nice.

Back on the date, Sophie and Jarrod are heading up the high wire. Jarrod getting a good view of Sophie as she climbs up, shame he cants enjoy it because they are both so nervous.

Jarrod appears so calm to help Sophie even thou he is scared too, which is very gentlemanly of him. But as Blake said, nice guys, finish last. We have to see if he does or not.

And suddenly her seat slips! Oh no! Jarrod stays so calm and helps her back on the seat. Oh, that’s not fun. And he is being so supportive and helps her go back. They survived!

Now time for Champagne and serious talk about what they want in a relationship, and they want the same things! They are so cute!

And then out of nowhere, they are kissing! Didn’t see that coming. Go, girl!

First Kiss… Out of no Where

Back at the house, the boys are waiting for Jarrod and when he arrives they don’t actually pressure him to talk. He just jumps straight in telling them all about it. Says he got a kiss! And then tells the other guys what to do! That’s not going to go down well.

Group Date. Photoshoot time!

Ryan looks so unhappy that his role is an angle, he is so unhappy that he says he wouldn’t have come to the date if he knew what he would be doing. So annoying!

Even one of the other guys calls Apollo a man-hunk and its true.

Ryan’s Punishment

Oh god, poor James gets the worst costume as Friar Tuck in the Robin Hood themed shoot. Sam is getting arrogant and a bit rude. And James actually comes out as the funny and clever and chilled guy. Go, James!

James Making a Good Impression and not just for having a strong back!

Next Bonnie and Clyde. Not much happens. We barely saw any of it.

Bonnie & Boring

And finally Adam & Eve. And of course, they cast Blake. He is loving it. They give him a spray tan and contour his abs and V. Yes this is something that is often done! a lot of those shirtless images you see on Instgram have contoured abs. Girls can also do this on their collar bone or décolletage. Use a product like Arbonne new Highlighter and Bronzer Stick! Check out my video of me trying it out here.

Contouring is all an Illusion, his abs aren’t that great!

Blake will be the butt of joke after this!

Their shoot is pretty hot & heavy, since both wearing very little clothes. All the other guys get so jealous! Wow, I thought the guys were supposed to be less bitchy than the girls! But they are being so mean to each other.

Cocktail Party

Jarrod is being so intense. Despite already having a rose and single date he wants more time with her. It’s not going down well with the other guys. But eventually he gets his time and he gives her Ugg Boots (original) Oh drama central! Blake gets angry at him. First Cat fight!

First catfight over Ugg Boots! guys nobody should ever fight over ugg boots!

Rose Ceremony Time!

They are trying to make it dramatic with intense music. But it just isn’t, we don’t care about any of the guys enough yet for it to be intense.

And we farewell the goofball, Jourdan. We hope you find a weird girl that matches your weird!

Farewell Jourdan! Don’t hurt your other leg on your way out.

Sophie’s makeup for the Rose Ceremony was a lot more full on than we have seen on her so far. It’s a serious black smokey eye! It’s a very strong look but Sophie can pull it off. She finished of the look with a nude lip colour, this is the perfect simple lip colour for a smokey eye.

Smokey Eyed Sophie!

The black smokey eye is a classic makeup look. However, a lot of makeup artist now say that the black smokey eye is out of fashion and the brown smokey eye is in. It’s a lot more natural look. If you wanted to create this look with the black eye, I would recommend using Benecos Smokey eyeshadow palette, with Sarah Jean lashes and black pencil eyeliner.Or if you wanted to do it in a more natural brown I would recommend Benecos Coffee & Cream Palette. Pair it with a nude lip like Sophie did, I recommend Magnolia Lipstick.

The first two episodes of this season have been very fun, can’t wait to see where it goes!

Till next Wednesday Beauties! Have a wonderful week!

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