Here we are everyone! It has come to the end. With probably the most spoilers of any seasons we have had before, it does seem a little less exciting. We will see if all these “spoilers” are true!

We once again we start this episode with lots of flashbacks, to when Matty first met the top two ladies… we should play a drinking game where we take a shot every time someone says the word journey this episode!

Air Asia is clearly the sponsor, with shameless repetitive shots of their logo!

I wonder who they are flying with?

Time to meet Matty’s Family. Three brothers and his mum. Where is his intense sister!?! It won’t be same without her.

Matty really won the good looks lottery of the boys in his family! They don’t even look similar!

His mum is stunning! The makeup she is wearing is beautiful, she has kept her eye makeup super simple and a beautiful pink lipstick. It’s always good to bring attention to the one aspect of your makeup.


Elise’s turn to meet the family. She is wearing her signature gold eye shadow again. Her eyebrows seem a bit more intense than she normally wears. But they frame her face and look great. If you wanted to define your brows like this, I would recommend a brow pencil that has a brush at one end to brush your brows and make them look more natural.

 Nice and Natural

OMG at the end of the family time, his mum says if it doesn’t work out with Matty, Elise can have her pick of the other 3 brothers! Sooooooooo awkward! Clearly, she made a good impression.

Laura’s turn. And Laura is straight into Laura having verbal diarrhea it’s super awkward. The brother is trying to ask a question and she just keeps talking. He eventually asks if she has if she has hobbies, She says she doesn’t and keeps talking about her business.

Brothers are not impressed!

She is chugging back the wine, that’s not going to help with the verbal diarrhea ,hun!

She eventually calms down a bit and manages to answer some of the questions. But then while she is talking to Matty’s mum she starts crying. This is the first time we have really seen her be so emotional.

Meeting the family isn’t going so well for Laura, but at least her makeup is lovely. Her brows are done and she has a nice pink lipstick on. But the best thing about her look is the light colour on the inner corners of her eyes. This is a great trick to make your eyes look bigger and any makeup look better. Simply use a highlighting powder like Stardust for a shimmery look or an eyeshadow like Soft Vanilla.

At Least Her Makeup is good!

Matty’s mum is a champion and says she would be happy with either of them. Matty’s family don’t have a strong opinion on which girl he should choose. They are pretty split, Matty seems pretty annoyed they can’t just pick for him.

Yay- shots of shirtless Matty paddle boarding, now it feels like The Bachelor!

 This is so important to the story telling!

Elise’s last date. And big shocker! It’s on another freaking boat. Seriously is this guy just in love with boats?

 Matty’s True Love!

He Looks so comfortable in his natural setting on a boat!  

They hang out on the boat for a while and talk about their feelings. Then they kayak to a beach, have a picnic, a swim and make out a lot. You know the normal Bachelor date stuff.

Suddenly, it’s night time and they are dressed again and on a Thai style love couch. They talk about their feelings.

 Thai love couch! Keeping to the theme. 

Laura’s turn for a final date.

They are going on a helicopter. It’s Laura’s first time in a helicopter. It’s awkward though because it’s not Matty’s first time- he lost his helicopter virginity with Florence on an earlier date in the season.

After the helicopter, it’s the Thailand tourist tradition of an elephant encounter. It’s nice though because this is rescue elephant! And they get to wash it. So cute. The elephant sprays Matty in the face! Well done elephant, that’s pretty much what all of Australia wanted to do to Matty last night when he didn’t give Tara a rose.

 Well Done Elephant! 

To finish the date, they go on a traditional Thai gondola, as soon as they set off it starts pouring with rain! It’s actually really romantic. Clearly, Laura is wearing waterproof makeup because it’s not going anywhere, even in the pouring rain.

At the end of the date, they head to another Thai Love Lounge and drink wine and talk about Laura’s feelings.

After the date, Laura is doing her interview straight to the camera, talking about the date. She suddenly starts crying and the producer asks if she is okay. She completely starts crying and turns away from the camera, so dramatic.

Time for Matty to choose! We have the shots of all of them all getting ready, with voiceovers of what they are all “thinking”.

Yay, Osher is back! We have missed you! They fly him all the way to Thailand to have three conversations. Best gig in the industry!

 In Thailand for three conversations. Best Job!

They are arriving in a boat instead of a limo! That’s going to be so confusing for Matty since he loves boats so much!

Elise gets off the boat first, the poor girl. And she has to be carried from the boat by random boat guy so her dress doesn’t get ruined. They should have gotten Osher to do that!

The poor girl has a full on smokey eye makeup, which looks great. I hope she doesn’t cry because that will be messy.

Matty slowly breaks it to her. She doesn’t seem that upset. He seems more upset. She just looks annoyed. Such a shame, because she is a really sweet girl. She doesn’t cry until she is in the limo. Poor thing.

If you wanted to recreate this smokey eye look that Elise rocked (before she started crying), I would recommend using Benecos Smokey Eye Palette and Sarah Jean Lashes, with black eyeliner pencil.

Sadly the Smokey Eye Didn’t Last 🙁

And now Laura’s turn.

Matty takes forever, I swear he is taking a whole break between every word! But eventually, he says he loves her! She says she was fully expecting him to break her heart.

She is already pretty much wearing a wedding dress, why don’t you guys just get married on national television right now?

 Looks like a wedding photo to me!

He pulls out a ring but very clearly and loudly says give me your right hand, so she understands it’s not an engagement ring. Did they edit out a rejected proposal?

 Looks like an engagement ring to me!

Well, that was a bit underwhelming a lot like Laura’s makeup. It’s similar to what she was wearing to meet the family- pink lipstick, natural pale eyeshadows, pink blush and defined brows. It was the finale, she really could have gone for a bit more like Elise.

 Seen this makeup before. Just like Laura had met Matty before the show!

I guess the real question now is, which of Matty’s Brothers will Elise chose to date? 😉

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, followed and supported these Bachelor Beauty Blogs! I was so nervous to put my writing out there (especially since I am dyslexic) but the amazing responses I have gotten from people has made it all worth it! I just want every woman has the confidence to do beautiful makeup every day, so I hope you picked up a few tips to do this from these blogs and maybe had a giggle too.

Much Love!



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