Hometown dates! We are getting to the pointy end already! This season seems short but I am guessing that’s because we didn’t have any intruders.

Let the grilling begin. On the menu tonight, roasted Bachelor! Yum.

Straight to the Gold Coast, Tara’s hometown. And of course, because we are on the Gold Coast they have to go to one of the theme parks. They picked the most neutral of them all. MovieWorld. But they have the whole place to themselves, that’s pretty cool. And seeing them both scream and swear on the rides is pretty funny.

Clearly they are having a lot of fun! #movieworldadvertising!

They get to Tara’s sister’s place and are greeted by Tara’s niece and nephews. They are so cute. Matty gets a bit clucky. This guy really wants kids ASAP. Maybe we should start betting on how long it will take him knock up the girl he chooses?

So Clucky!

Tara’s brother is not really having a bar of it or of Matty. And he asked the question that I think most people want to ask him. Why couldn’t he just find a girlfriend out in the real world? Pretty average answer back from Matty about going on the show means he would only meet girls who were ready to settle down. I don’t know about that, I couldn’t see Leah and Jen being ready to settle down any time soon.

 Lets roast him on the barbie!

After all the drama, Tara and Matty say goodbye, Tara gets very teary after Matty leaves. She is too good for this bullshit. But apparently, they are setting her up as the next Bachelorette! I would definitely watch that!

Tara’s makeup is beautiful and super natural. She has a lovely Frozen Yoghurt colour eyeshadow on, it does really well with her green eyes. She finishes the cute look of with light pink lipstick.

 Don’t cry off the cute makeup!

Florence’s Turn.

We should play a drinking game, that you have to take a shot every time Florence says the word Dutch. We would all be as drunk Jen at a cocktail party by the end of the episode 😉

They go to a place that has a windmill and tulips. So Dutch! They cycle and have a little picnic. Matty is pretty shocked that he isn’t meeting any of Florence’s family; didn’t he know they all lived in Holland? So he is meeting her friends instead. It’s a girl’s get together and Matty is tagging along. He is clearly not enjoying it.

The friend gives him another grilling, her and Florence could be sisters, they look very similar. Matty should just pretend she is Florence’s sister he seems more comfortable with family than with friends.

 Could be sisters!

Florence’s makeup is nice for the date, but she has gone back to super dark eyebrows. What I would give to fix this!

Eyebrows are too dark for her light hair colour! 

Elisa’s Turn.

Her family seems pretty chilled. But as Elise put it, her mum has a little devil on her shoulder. Careful Elise, you don’t want to scary Matty of with your mum.

They don’t do anything interesting on their date, they just walk along the beach.

 Looks cold 🙁

Her dad is back, Captain Phil! Matty is all confident because he has already met him. Don’t get cocky Matty! Elise’s family is picture perfect. And Elise’s brother looks a lot like Matty! Does that mean Elise and Matty are well paired or is it just weird?

Elise’s brother or Matty’s brother?

Elise’s mum goes to the kitchen to skull some champagne. This is my kind of lady. Matty comes and offers to help, it’s so awkward. She says she doesn’t trust Matty. To be fair I probably wouldn’t trust a guy who was date four girls.

 My kind of mum.

Elise’s Makeup for this date is pretty boring, a bit like the date. Her brows are well defined, and she has a little bit of eyeshadow on. But I would love to see her with more blush or more lipstick to make the look pop more.

 Needs something more.

Laura’s Turn.

Oh my goodness, she has a three-legged rescue dog! I just feel in love with her! And Buster is a good solid dog name as well! Laura is in Sydney so I think Matty will like that a lot.

 My two favourite things, hot man and rescue dog!

Laura obviously got a fresh spray tan. It’s a little full on. But her makeup looks lovely. Nice natural eye-shadow that makes the green in her eyes pop. She really is stunning! Even thou, she does remind everyone of Georgia.

Keeping it simple. Letting her statement being all her rings, not her makeup.

Laura’s home date isn’t that exciting either. Matty meets her grandparents which are pretty damn cute. Laura’s sister takes Matty outside for questioning. It’s mostly the same questions as the other people have asked. So nothing too exciting.

Matty leaves and Laura awkwardly says she likes him but is annoyed it can’t say it back. That’s kind of the whole point of the show hun.

 Uncomfortable goodbye!

Laura’s makeup is also very natural. She has a nice pink cheek, wish pops against her tan. If you wanted a nice pink cheek like this I would recommend Benecos’s Sassy Salmon Blush.

Rose Ceremony Time!

There are a few awkward shots of each girl by themselves sitting in the mansion waiting for the rose ceremony. Each saying how much they want a rose. And at the rose ceremony, we say goodbye to….. Florence. Not really that shocked. She was a bit too cool and cultured for him. And he should take her outside to say goodbye to her like a gentleman!

Florence’s makeup for the final rose ceremony is a classic smokey eye, With this makeup, her brows don’t look as out of place! The good thing about her smokey eye is the light colour on her eye lid creates more a dramatic look against the dark smokey part from her eye crease and out, she finished off this beautiful look pink lip. If you wanted to create this look I would recommend using the Benecos Smokey Eye PaletteSarah Jean Lashes & Pink Rose lipstick.

 Vaarwel (thank you google translate)

Farewell Florence, we will miss your Dutchness and your lack of knowledge about the show! (She didn’t know who Osher was at first)

Till Tomorrow Beauties!



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