Down to seven. Everyone is sitting around after the rose ceremony. You can tell because all of them are wearing the same makeup.

Totally casual makeup 😉

The single date is Florence or Flow as everyone calls her. Finally, Channel 10 is pulling out more of the budget! Matty arrives in a helicopter!

They are going on about how it is Florence’s and his first time in a helicopter. Dude you just arrived in it. So you have already been in a helicopter!

Oh damn, they are doing pottery! That is the most romantic of all crafts. They have to do the Ghost scene! Come on! They have to!

Omg, they are actually playing porn music over Florence doing pottery, which she is failing at. So Matty has to show her how to do it! Yes, Ghost scene done! And now they are actually playing cheap royalty free version of the music from Ghost! Well done Channel 10. That is probably the first time I have said that not sarcastically!

But has anyone notice how Florence gets the really flirty dates?

 So original! 

They then most the conveniently located couch. They have a pretty full on chat. And then he starts telling her that he is trying to kiss her, which makes it awkward. Don’t tell her just do it, Matty!

Makeup wise, Florence is back to the super dark and strong eyebrows. It’s a statement for sure. But being blonde slightly lighter eyebrows would match better.

She has a nice gold and warm brown eye shadow. With a cute pink lipstick to finish off the look. It’s nice to see that she is keeping the eye shadows and Lipsticks simple when does have statement brows.

It’s all about the brow.

Group Date Time. They are all in active wear. Active wear, active wear, winning Matty’s heart in my active wear!

They have to write on a wooden board their fears that are holding them back, from falling in love. Harsh.

Lisa is being really awkward about it. Matty is hinting that she isn’t opening up but as the girl points out, the only alone time they have really had alone together was right back at the beginning. Also pretty sure Lisa is the only one who hasn’t kissed Matty.

They start doing boxing. And Lisa hits Matty. Good girl. The girls have to punch the wood with their fears on. It’s all very metaphorical. Cobie jumps up to do it but doesn’t realize she has to read her fear out loud and starts crying straight away. But she managed to read it and break her board. All the girls break them very quickly and easy. Maybe that wood isn’t actually wood?!?

Tara wins the single time with Matty. They go a hotel, to get changed and have dinner. Will they stay the night? Tara is so funny and sweet. I think she is coming out as a front runner. She tells him she likes him and they kiss! Good girl.

She is wearing beautiful taupe eye shadow and another cute pink lip. To create this look I would recommend using the eye shadows Soft Vanilla on the inner corner of your eyes and then Mauve Me on the outside. Finish with a good Mascara and Peach Lipstick.

Super cute makeup for a super cute bogan princess <3

Cocktail Party Time. Matty is really sweet and thanks all the girls for their effort on the group date. This guy is still winning Australia’s Heart.

Matty takes Cobie to the secret garden and he gives her a rose! Yaya. I like Cobie, but not sure if she will make it to the end.

Elora takes Matty away for one on one time. As they are leaving she pulls him into the corner for a kiss. Matty point blank refuses out of respect for the other girls and Elora soon realizes she messed up. Especially when the other girls could totally see what was happening. She doesn’t seem to feel guilty about it, she is just embarrassed that he didn’t kiss her back.

Rose ceremony time.

Tonight we farewell…. Lisa. They had such a strong connect at the beginning, a bit of a shame. But she is young, hot and sooo tall she will find someone quickly, along with hundreds of Instagram followers I am sure.

For her farewell, Lisa had a lot of eye shadow on, in what appears to be a warm brown/red colour. The stunning girl has slightly hooded eye and unfortunately having strong eye shadow only on the top of her eyes in a round shape just accentuates his more. She should go for a lighter coloured eye shadow or more of a winged smokey eye to stop this. She is still stunning!

Bye Lisa, Cya on Insta!

Till next Wednesday, have a wonderful week Beauties!





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