Wow, straight into the drama, but from an unexpected source… Osher gets upset that the girls only get excited to see him because he brings the date card. Um, yes Osher, this has been your job for the last 5 years. You get paid to do this!

Single date card – Elise!

Most of the Girls are excited for Elise

Jen is pissed again! And Simone is starting to get pissed. Interesting. At least it isn’t one of the girls who has already had date.

Jen is less happy for her!

Matty turns up on a double-decker bus. Smooth ride, dude. They are riding this London bus around Sydney town, to see some of his local hang out spots. He buys her flowers. It’s not the most lavish date but it is very sweet.

The other girls are back at the house bitching about not getting dates. How original! Lisa comes in with the date card. This is the most we have ever seen her talk!

Group Date! And everyone is going! Doesn’t look like anyone is happy about it, though.

Back on the most romantic date of the season. Matty pulls out a hockey stick and says they are going to play. He should be scared – Elise was a professional hockey player. But this part is actually really hard to make fun of, because it is so cute!

Matty “So what do I do with this hockey stick?” 

She missed the opportunity to kiss him! Whoops. That’s okay hun, I get a feeling you will have many more opportunities.

OMG ANOTHER BOAT! Seriously what is Matty’s or the producer’s obsession with boats?

A spa on a boat?!? That seems odd or is it just me?

Whoops, should talk about her makeup. This is the Bachelor Beauty Blog after all. Her makeup was super natural. Which was good with jumping in and out of buses and boats and playing hockey and making out in a spa.

The most standout part of Elise’s makeup is her beautiful gold eye shadow. Gold is a great eye shadow colour, it’s one of the few colours that really suits everyone! And also one of the few colours that can be worn on its own, for day or night. Which was perfect for Elise’s date. She really pulls of the natural sun kissed look beautifully. If you wanted to achieve this look at home, I would recommend using Benecos’ gold eye primer. Even though it is meant to be a base for other eye shadows, it can be used on its own as a beautiful eye colour!

Group Date Time!

Day at the beach! It’s a beach version of the hunger games for time with Matty.

Elora is very good at catching balls. I am sure there is a joke in there somewhere.

All the girls have once again gone very natural for their makeup. I am guessing they knew it was going to be at a beach since they are all wearing bathers. Beach + natural makeup = happy bachelorettes.

Game faces on! 

Pretty sure they are playing the Pirates of the Caribbean music over the volleyball game? Very dramatic.

Victory party time!

Tara is hilarious, again: she takes her sausage to her alone time with Matty. So many jokes about sausages could be made. Her makeup for this memorable moment is a subtle brown eye shadow again, and pink lip. Very natural and pretty.

Cocktail party time!

Jen truly has it out for Lisa. Saying she is going to reveal who Lisa really is.

Jen’s makeup is pretty full on, with a red lip, black winged eyeliner and eyeliner on her lower lash line as well. Her false lashes almost look too big for her eyes. There is a whole lot going on

 There is a lot going on here and I am not just talking about her makeup.

Jen tells Matty that Lisa isn’t there for the right reasons. That she isn’t into him and thinks he is only here to raise his profile.

Matty immediately goes to Lisa and confronts her about both of these topics. I am not sure this is the best way to deal with it, especially when they’re not completely out of earshot of the other girls.

Of course all of this starts a whole lot of drama!!!! As Jen puts it, a dramacabana!

And now Jen is crying. We have the production manager comforting her and she is using toilet paper as tissues! It’s all very Unreal. I bet she is regretting the strong eyeliner now.

 Regretting that makeup now?

Before we know it Jen is literally walking with her suitcase down the driveway of the mansion. No farewell chat to Matty.  No rose ceremony. And definitely no limo for Jen. She says she will be remembered as “the girl who walked away from Matty J”… I honestly think you will be remembered for your other behaviour a lot more.

Well, that was much more interesting than last night.

Till next Wednesday my Beauties! Have a wonderful week!




Bachelor Photos sourced from Channel 10


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