We start this episode with lots of flashbacks, to when Matty first met the top three ladies and then the hometowns.

Matty is looking very hipster in John Lennon sunnies driving a vintage car. Matty says this date is all about life in the fast lane. He keeps saying he wants Laura to open up about her feelings, but then he takes her on dates where they can’t talk because of all adrenaline-inducing activities! Oh dear, they didn’t warn Laura she was going in a top drop car, her hair is everywhere!

 Matty J the newest member of Bondi Hipsters

They go paragliding. I just had a thought; the insurance budget for this show must be so expensive with all these jumping off buildings, out of planes and off cliffs. I guess that’s where a bulk of their budget has gone.

So Little Budget Matty has to do his own camera work!

Suddenly it’s night time, and they are in a random garden with lots of tea lights and a couch. Matty reminds her of how on their first date, he drew a picture of her and it was one of the worst things. He says he has been practicing and pulls out a much better drawing of her. He says he did it, but then says he got help. I think the Channel 10 props department may have been involved. But nonetheless, she seems impressed.

So Many Tea Lights!  

She then tries to tell she likes him. The poor girl is on struggle street, but eventually, she gets there. And even says she is “falling in love with him,” He says he wasn’t excepting her to say that. But dude, that’s what you have been saying you want her to say! You can’t win with thi

Her makeup again is super natural and pretty much the same as we have seen it for the whole season. In the final, I would really like to see her wear something different. She has her brows done and a bit of blush on, but she doesn’t have much else on. If you wanted brows like Laura’s I would recommend Arbonne’s Eyebrow Pencil and for cheeks I would recommened Sassy Salmon Blush.

Brows and Blush!

Elise’s Turn.

She is stranded a very random train station. And she seems weirdly shocked when Matty turns up on a train. What did you think was going to happen, hun?

Its the Hogwarts Express! Budget version. 

They are really cute, lots of joking and locking lips. But I guess there isn’t much else to do a train.

Suddenly it’s night time again. And there is a campfire and well-placed wine with an excessively long camera shot (product placement much). They roast some marshmallows but then it’s right down to business, I mean talking about emotions. Elise says the exact same thing that Laura said! Matty must be getting sick of women saying they are falling in love with him.

Fire and tea lights over kill much. 

Elise’s makeup for her date is her signature gold eye shadow and natural look. Stunning as always. If you wanted her signature gold eye shadow you could use Gold Eye Primer or Eyeshadow in the colour So What.

 Signature Gold Shadow

Tara Time.

I am a bit shocked that Tara is wearing earrings in the shape of a crucifix, is she religious?

Tara is so excited for the seaplane, but then again she can get excited about a tandem bike. They are up and away. Halfway through the flight they get bored of the view and make out.

Most Awkward Hug Ever!

And then Matty is back to his true love of this show, another boat! They stand on the boat and make out more. And then they sit on the boat and talk about their feelings as well. But Tara doesn’t say she is falling in love with him.

Matty’s True Love! 

But wait, after the ad break, there is another sofa surrounded by more tea lights. Eventually, Tara says she can see herself falling in love with him. Verses the other girls who said they are already falling in love with him. Will this be Tara’s undoing?

At least her makeup is stunning. Natural without being boring. She has a beautiful light brown eye shadow on and a vanilla colour on the lid and a stunning pink lip to finish off her makeup look. She also had brown eyeliner on the top lash line, this actually enhances her lash line and makes her lashes look bigger. Such a simple and easy trick to do!

Stunning As Usual!

Now after all the dates, it’s time for shots of everyone alone looking very serious, as Matty does a voice over saying her is going to break someone’s heart. It’s as if they think we don’t know this is what is happening.

But 3 must become 2…..

And sadly it’s our bogan- loud and beautiful Princess Tara. The poor thing looks so upset. But looking at the positives in the situation, once again her makeup was on point! Her eyeshadow has a shimmery, gold and brown look with silver highlight just under her brow to make the look pop and the most stunning false lashes. If you want to recreate this beautiful look, I would recommend using Rose Quartz and Coco Cookie Eyeshadows, and Stardust Highlighter on your brow bone. Sarah Jean’s Lashes in style 005 are very similar to Tara’s. To finish off the look I would recommend Peach Lipstick.

 We will miss your stunning makeup!

Lashes for Days!

Farewell Tara, we will all miss you and your beautiful personality and expressive face! <3

Till tomorrow night beauties! Can you believe it’s the final already?!?! Exciting!



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