And we are back after holiday and sickness. The Bachelor in Paradise 4 days a week will make me feel better! That’s right people: 4 days! Which means so many makeup looks.


First of all, I think we need a moment of silence for Florence and her full on brows, that got sent packing last week. You will be missed Florence for the drama, but I won’t miss saying you should pull back on the makeup. But we still love you.


And we are straight into it with the American invasion! This will be interesting.


Grant is a hunky fire-fighter from California who has already been engaged in the American version of the Bachelor in Paradise. He has nothing on our hunky Ozzy Fire-fighter Cam. Side note: why isn’t Cam here?

Ours is way better. Love you Cam!

Anyway Grant’s arrival does start to change things. The men seem on edge for the first time ever. While all of the girls seem very happy.


His first pick of girls to talk to is Lisa, (Luke isn’t happy) and I would have picked her too with her stunning makeup on. Her brows are on point, she has really subtle almost plum coloured eyeshadow and very cute pink lip to finish the look off. Love it!

This screenshot doesn’t do her makeup justice.

Grant ends up choosing Leah for his date after she cut him off on his way to talk to Keira. Leah really is standing out as one of the natural beauties; she hardly ever looks like she is wearing any makeup. I want to know what her skincare regime is.


They go snorkelling in the rain and seem very into each other. Could be a match made in heaven? Two over confident villains 😉 Before we know it they are kissing, I just realized Leah is probably the person who has kissed the most people….wait, literally as I was writing that I realized Jake has kissed way more people. My goodness, I can’t even keep up.


The perfect date for these two because they can’t talk

Anyway, the producers were nice enough to let Leah have time after snorkelling to fix her makeup and also let the terrible snorkel mask lines on her face fade, they didn’t let us see that but I am sure they both had those.  She has gone for another really natural look her, with just subtle gold eyeshadow. Gold is such a great eyeshadow colour for any skin tone or eye colour- it’s a really safe colour. If you wanted this colour I would recommend the Benecos Eye Primer.

Mack and Michael are both chasing Ali. An epic love triangle is starting to form there. Since Jarrod knows he can’t compete with those other guys he is straight back onto Keira. Can someone please get Jarrod a lot of sunscreen?! And also another brain where he can understand that he can’t just bounce back to Keira without her being a bit resentful.

Seriously Jarrod, even I am getting sick of the sunburn jokes

Suddenly, amid all the drama, new meat (as Keira puts it) appears out of the darkness. He is a tank, and he isn’t American he is Canadian. This guy isn’t messing around, he is saying he is taking everyone’s women. He really isn’t making friends. Again the villains are attracted to the other villains. So he and Keira are really hitting it off. But he is so arrogant he says he doesn’t need a date with Keira to know they would get on because they already get on. Confusing. This guy knows how to play the game.


He chooses Nina, maybe this was because he loves a natural beauty too. Nina has not been wearing much makeup, and I love that she does that, however, I would love to get in there with my brow pencil and lengthen her brows a little. If you draw a line from the side of bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, the end of your brow should be there. However, Nina’s looks just short. I assumed that she was locked into a relationship with Eden, but it turns out they haven’t even kissed! What have they been doing?

Nina really is a natural beauty, I am just nitpicking now.

Laurina dumps Blake, he seems so shocked- dude, you forgot her name! I am surprised she is even talking to you! How could you forget her name?! She is pretty damn memorable and the makeup she wears is always flawless. Her brows must be tattooed on since they are always perfect and she always wears a nice warm-toned blush, this is better for her skin tone than a cool bright pink traditional blush colour.

You couldn’t remember my name, bye!

Blake is starting to look a bit like Jarrod.


So… it’s still raining on Nina and Daniel’s date, he says they are going to cross the raging river, he believes he is the kind of strong man who can cross a raging rapid water. Dude, how dumb are you? Don’t you realize how many people die each year from saying they can cross flood water? Luckily for them, a “local” (who totally looks planted by the production team) stops them crossing. So they go back to the five-star hotel, which they probably shouldn’t have left in the first place and hang out in the hot spa. As Daniel says they “get naked in their swimsuits”. Um…. Daniel, sorry being in swimsuits doesn’t mean you are naked. Man, this guy is so intense and weird. Nina, is sweating a lot, not sure if its from how creepy Daniel is or how hot the spa is. If you get a bit sweaty like this, I would recommend buying some blotting paper, you can get rid of the shine, with having to redo your whole makeup.

Yeah, that would probably be my face too if this Daniel guy was hitting on me.

Back to base camp Paradise, and Ali is letting down Mack as easy as she can. Saying she doesn’t have that spark with him. And he isn’t taking it too well. Mack says its just because Michael is involved or maybe Mack, she just doesn’t like you that much. Ever thought of that?


Ali really does get rather upset telling him. Poor girl, its so hard having all these handsome men fighting over you, oh wait. Girl, your life is not that bad. She was smart though and wore waterproof mascara, she probably knew she would be crying.


Next minute she is also telling Michael she doesn’t like him either, plot twist, oh didn’t see that coming. But Michael took it like a man, he is winning many points here. I have a theory that she does actually like Michael but she doesn’t want to be in the middle of Mack and Michael, so she has chosen to break it off with both of them.

Ali “I don’t have a spark with anyone” At least you have plenty of sparkle on your face hun, wait maybe thats just sweat.

Ali “I don’t feel sparks with anyone” But she has plenty of sparkle on her face.Her makeup for her break up with Michael was very pretty, she clearly knew she probably wasn’t going to be crying for this one. She has some really pretty highlighter on her cheeks. But I would also recommend a blush to her as she is looking a little pale, something like Fall In Love Blush Trio is perfect because it has the pink colour as well as the highlighter colour.

Sammy gets a date card and he invites Tara out. This is the most unexpected couple of the season. Tara literally said “he isn’t getting a rose from me” when he walked in. But that is what is so beautiful about this. They seem to have a genuine connection. Tara is fidgeting with her hair so much, at first I thought it was her trying to flirt, but now I think she is actually just trying to keep her neck cool because it’s so hot.

Her makeup is really pretty and simple. Would have been nice to see her do something a little different for this date but I guess they didn’t have much time. But she has nice matte little mauve colour eyeshadows on. Matte eyeshadows can be a lot more natural than sparkling eyeshadows.

Who wouldn’t want to kiss that face?

And finally after much lingering, while most of Australia is screaming at their TV “Just kiss!” they….. finally…. Kiss!!! BEST COUPLE IN PARADISE!


To finish off tonight’s episode we have the men ripping on the next guys and then fighting about the last rose ceremony. Because that’s really attractive guys. Grow up.

Pointing Fingers or hands.

Till tomorrow night Beauties! This a part time job watching this show now

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